The Kidda Band

The Incredible Kidda Band formed in 1977 in the Midlands before heading South to London to later become both The Kicks and We’re Only Human.  

The band made two 45s between 1978 and 1979.  Their first single, Everybody Knows, has since become a much sought after collectors item. Although the single rarely becomes available,  when it does, it changes hands for large sums of money (£445/$630). Second single, Fighting my way back, has more recently also become a collectors item too. (£120/$280).

Three other singles  followed (as The Kicks and We’re Only Human) – Get off the telephone, If Looks Could Kill and Hold your head up high. And since then?

An album called Too Much Too Little Too Late was released on 19th June 2000 which brought together all of the  Kidda Band 45s, B-sides and lots of studio recordings and demos never heard before. Having Sold Out quickly it led to a re-release of the album in June 2007 and a completely repackaged vinyl re-release in in December 2011 on Red Lounge Records.

This is an example of what the industry thought of the band at the time:

See what the experts say about the Kidda Band and their music

In 2002, due to popular demand in Japan, the Kidda Band re-released four of their vinyl 45s on 1977 Records. All four singles Sold Out within weeks.

Between 2011 and 2016, New York’s Last Laugh Records released seven Kidda Band vinyl 45s. The first, a brand new single coupling the classic Radio Caroline with We’re Gonna Make It, was followed by the re-release of the classic Everybody Knows and Fighting My Way back singles. Next up were three more brand new vinyl 45s – [Watch out] Thief (backed with You belong to me) and Bitch (backed with She’s a 50) singles. The final release on Last Laugh was a double A side single featuring Bullet in my heart and The girl said no in January 2016. All of these singles again sold out very quickly.

In December 2014. the long term plans to release another album of unreleased Kidda Band gems finally came to fruition. Kidder had been in the studio late  in 2011 (with the same team that brought you Too Much Too Little Too Late“) to fine tune another batch of  songs ready for the album Made In England.

All that remains in the vaults now is the final Anthology album and a Live album recorded in their prime. Watch this space for news……….