Band Members

This page provides background information on all members of the Kidda Band throughout its lifetime.

Alan Hammonds (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter)

Alan was the founding member of the Kidda Band and was its energetic frontman, principle songwriter and driving force.

Worked at the Sketchley Dry Cleaning factory in Hinckley.

Graham ‘Kidder’ Hammonds (Vocals, Percussion, one finger keyboard, Drum Machine)

Kidder provided backing vocals at the early auditions and rehearsals which took place in the Hammonds brothers bedroom after Kidder was released from hospital to recover from a bad case of glandular fever. As none of the successful candidates from the auditions wanted to sing – Kidder just carried on singing. He later added percussion, drum machine programming and terrible one finger keyboard playing to his repertoire.

Worked underground at the National Coal Board an jumped around a lot on stage.

Johnny Rollason (Backing Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar)

Eldest of the Rollason brothers who formed part of the band at various points during its lifetime. Johnny was a talented rhythm and lead guitar player who provided the core power within the bands overall sound. Was there until the eventual demise of the band.

Johnny was professionally unemployed except for a brief spell at the Sketchley Dry Cleaning factory after Alan got him a job.

Les Rollason (Bass Guitar)

Les, the middle brother of the Rollason trio, was professionally unemployed like his brother Johnny and so he had lots of time to act as the bands carpenter, building stage light units and much more.

 Les was also an incredibly talented bass guitarist who added much to the powerful pop sound of the Kidda Band.

David Lister (Backing Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar)

David was one of the original members of the Kidda Band from its first tentative steps until after the release of If Looks Could Kill in 1991. His lead guitar was one of the significant elements of the Kidda Band sound during this period. 

David drove a lorry for  living, was the bands handyman and Mr Fixit and provided all of the really high vocal parts.

Graham ‘Dick’ Millington (Drums)

Dick was the first long term drummer with the band following a number of false dawns with his predecessors. Although a heavy metal fan at heart he settled in well to the rhythm section of the band.

Dick worked as a journalist on the local Evening Tribune newspaper and acted as the bands comedian – he was never stuck for a joke. He left the band for love.

Paul Gardner (Drums)

Paul joined the Kidda Band shortly after the departure of Dick Millington and added a heavier drum style to the bands music until he was asked to leave the band after the release of Get off the telephone following a brush with the long arm of the law.

Mark ‘Tarky’ Bates (Backing Vocals & Drums)

Tarky replaced Paul Gardner shortly after the release of Get off the telephone following the formers brush with the long arm of the law.

His unorthodox open handed playing style mesmerised both music critics and fans alike.

Keith Taylor (Bass Guitar)

Keith was added to the line up when the band resurfaced as We’re Only Human. His more funky style added a new side to the bands power pop style.

Mick Rollason (Lead & Rhythm Guitar)

Mick, the youngest of the Rollason brothers, was asked to join the band after David Lister left the band just prior to it relocating to London.

Mick was a heavy metal influenced guitar player who joined the band at the same time as Tarky.

Chris Statham (Drums)


Short lived occupant pf the drum stool early on the life of the band.