Cover Versions (Audio)

Over time, there have been many bands who have been influenced by the music of the Incredible Kidda Band who have gone on to write and release their own music.

Some continue to record Incredible Kidda Band songs. Here are just a few examples:

The Baby Shakes
If Looks Could Kill

 A great rocking version of If Looks Could Kill from Claudia (Bass & vocals), Mary (Lead Vocals & guitar), Judy (Lead Guitar & vocals) and with guest Murat (Drums). Hear it here.

Check out The Baby Shakes single at

Teenage Frames

Sign on the dotted line – The Kidda Band

A cracking version of Sign on the dotted Line from Frankie Delmane (Vocals), Eric Vegas (Guitar), Aaron Money (Bass) and Jim Holiday (Drums). Hear it here.

Check out The Teenage Frames EP “Glamorous Trash” now at

The Past Tense – Fighting My Way back

A cracking version of I’m Fighting My Way Back from The Past Tense featuring Andy, Nuts and Ken.

Check out The Past Tense music on iTunes.

The Brothers Gross – We’re Gonna make it

A cracking version of We’re Gonna Make it from the Brothers Gross featuring Tim Gross (Guitar and Vocals), Kyle Gross (Drums and Vocals) and Steve Trathen – Bass and Vocals.

Hope you enjoy these recordings as much as we do.